Robotronic is a micro-journey through the life of a machine.
Un-apolagetically using 70's and 90's sounds, this EP pushes through whimsical and fun to  intense and dark.
The Robotronic EP has the hallmark hooks, melody, counterpoint and sound design expected from Andrew Bird. Â Look out for a few in-jokes if you were a 90's musician or were born in the 70's!

Album Notes:
Robotronic Master Blaster: A huge challenge for a traditional musician to step-write a song from start to finish.
Actuations and Dead Tech: A bunch of random Absynth mutations were sampled and re-samped to create the sound design
Dead Technology: Guitars are used where cymbals would normally happen. 3 Tracks of re-sampled and reversed sine waves were editied together to create the main "riff".

Absynth, Roland 2080, Audity 2000, Control Synthesis Deep Bass Nine, EMU ESI4000, Logic Pro , KYMA X (Vocoders).
Guitars: Stuart Preece
Ambient guitar hits and feedback:Â Mike Harding

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Plunged into the cinematic and dramatic but with the occasional pop song thrown in, a rare instrument or two, sound design and occasional severe electronic vocal violations, a mix of familiar and strange elements have been aptly described as "…like chasing a shapeshifter from a forest into a labyrinthian, neon city echoing with shortwave". Fair enough.

Full of musical surprises, humour and detail, these albums are definitely made to be listened to end-to-end in a complete journey, echoing composers such as Jean Michelle Jarre, Peter Gabriel and Thomas Dolby.


Andrew Bird (UK) is a composer, drummer/percussionist and synth player. A strange and varied musical upbringing started during the 80's as a childhood obsession with Dad's Jean Michelle Jarre, Mike Oldfield, Jeff Wayne and Mum's Boney-M, Benjamin Britten and Guyanese folk vinyl. A very british musical upbringing on flute, piano (and glockenspiel) led to drums, percussion and an interest in (pre-computer) recording and composing tech; 4tracks, sequencers, samplers, drum machines and circuit bending (mainly, accidentally). The 90's was spent in studios and lugging organs and synths across 4 countries, a few years playing Celtic music (bodhran, drums), theatre work (drums and sound design), session work (flute, guitar, drums, piano) and album production including his own tape and CD releases in NZ; "Voyage" 1993, "Lift" 1996.

Now, based in London, Andrew collaborates with some of the best (and most good looking) musical rogues the world has to offer; Sian O'Gorman, Anil Sebastian, Lovelace (Rebecca Whitbread) and Thom Brown (The Gentlemen Project) and Esther Gurr.


For the Musical Geeks:
Instrument list: Dulcimer, Hammered Dulcimer, Armenian Duduk, Irish Flute, Drums and percussion (various), Glockenspeil, Guitar, SH3, CS30, Madrona Soundplane, Kyma. And a lot of automation.